Pavel Seviarynets Interrogated on Case of Young Front

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At 11 a.m. on 13 September the police took the political prisoner Pavel Seviarynets to Polatsk District Prosecutor’s Office. There he was interrogated as a witness in the case brought on activity of the unregistered organization Young Front. The interrogation was conducted by the assistant prosecutor Ruslan Hrynevich. Mr Seviarynets answered the questions in Belarusian, which created some obstacles to the interrogator, because (strangely enough) the Belarusian language hasn’t been installed at the computers of the prosecutor’s office.

Pavel Seviarynets explained the interrogation with the fact that the trial over some activists of Young Front is being prepared. They are charged with activity on behalf of unregistered organization.

Mr Seviarynets has already spent a year of personal restraint in the village of Maloie Sitna in Polatsk district. He has been sentenced to it for organization of the street actions of protest against the rigged election. In Malaie Sitna the signals from mobile phones aren’t accepted, that’s why the politician is cut off from the political life of the country.