Klichau’s Women Believe Contract System of Employment is Means of Intimidation and Lynching Disloyal Workers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

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The Belarusian Organization of Working Women conducted a discussion of the contract system of employment in the town of Klichau. The organization’s activists invited to it some representatives of Free Trade Union who specialize in working legislation. At the end of the meeting its participants concluded that the contract system in its present variant is a means of intimidation and lynching disloyal workers. The lecturers told the audience about the ways to minimize the negative impact of the contract system. One of them is to establish initiative groups for collecting signatures under the appropriate appeal to the state officials and another is to make masses of people apply to the highest state officials. Klichau citizens still haven’t decided which of the variants they prefer, but agreed that they have to defend their rights on their own.