Only State Mass Media Were Exhibited at Book and Press Festival

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


Only state mass media were exhibited at the Festival of Books and Press that was held in Pastavy on 3 September.

The chief editor of the non-state newspaper Vitsebski kuryer wanted to place his edition on the stand where all other Vitsebsk region editions were exhibited. The head of the ideology department Vitsebsk Regional Executive Committee Mikhail Kuzmich told him that the stand was for state editions only.

According to the official statement by the head of Vitsebsk City Executive Committee Uladzimir Andreichanka there are more than 300 editions in Vitsebsk region including 26 state editions. So where are all those 274 independent editions?

What is more, Uladzimir Matusevich (the head of the mass media department of the Ministry of Information) claimed that all editions of Vitsebsk region would be able to participate in the festival.