Svetlahrosk: District Court Starts Consideration of Quite Unusual Criminal Case against Redundant Lawyer from Zhlobin

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Svetlahorsk District Court has started the consideration of quite unusual criminal case. Siarhei Iarashevich, a redundant lawyer from Zhlobin, is accused of having insulted the judges of Rahachou District Court Mikalai Rubisau and Uladzimir Salameichuk in connection with realization of their judicial powers. The case has been brought after Mr Iarashevich put down his opinion about the judges’ work in the court’s complaint book. He compared them to the judges who worked in the USSR in 1937 and used the principle: if there’s a man one can find an appropriate article against him. The matter is that in spring 2006 the abovementioned judges considered the criminal case against Siarhei Iarashevich, who was accused of hooliganism with inflicting light bodily injuries to a former worker of Zhlobin police, who had hostile habitual relations with him.

Siarhei Iarashevich, who is by the way a former judge and defense lawyer, was fined 3,1 million rubles. He believes that case was groundless and the verdict was unfair. That’s why he expressed his opinion in the complaint book. As a result one more criminal case was brought against Mr Iarashevich. Now it is considered by Svetlahorsk District Court.