Polatsk: Administration of Polatsk-Shklovalakno Open Company Still Hinders Work of Primary Unit of Free Trade Union of Belarus (FTUB)

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

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Consideration of the question about giving office room to the primary unit of Free Trade Union of Belarus at Polatsk-Shklovalakno Open Company has been protracted for a long time. We should remind that in November 2005 the employer refused to prolong the rent agreement to the primary unit, as a result of which the unit lost its legal address. Since that time FTUB has been negotiating with the administration of Polatsk-Shklovalakno (Polatsk Fiberglass), the administration of Belnaftakhim concern (Belarusian Oil Chemistry) and the city authorities with the aim to solve the issue. After the insistent requests of the trade union activists the general director of the open company Kachanouski agreed that this daily issue needed to be discussed at the company’s council. However, the supervisory soviet of Polatsk-Shklovalakno didn’t include this question into the agenda. Its head, Mr Korshikau, explained it in the following way: ˜According to the procedure, all the necessary documents must be collected and analyzed half a month before the sitting, which wasn’t done though we really received a request from the primary unit of FTUB’.

The leader of the primary unit Viktar Stukau believes the factory officials artificially protract the solution of the issue. He said that only after his insistent inquiries the chair of the legal department and a member of the Supervisory soviet of the enterprise Zatsirakhin promised to include the question into the agenda for the next sitting, appointed on 25 September. ˜It all looks like they just protract it in order to escape the upcoming sanctions due to the non-execution of the ILO recommendations’, Stukau said.