Deputy of Babruisk City Deputy Soviet Aliaksandr Chyhir Protests against His Dismissal

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the midday of 31 August the police detained the deputy of Babruisk City Soviet, chair of Babruisk electoral headquarters of Aliaksandr Milinkevich and former teacher of history Aliaksandr Chyhir, who chained himself to a lamppost opposite Babruisk Executive Committee to protest against his dismissal. The police also detained 12 journalists (from BelaPAN, RFE/RL, IndiMedia, such newspapers as Navinki, Salidarnasts and Bobruiskiy Kurier) 10 of whom were Belarusian citizens and 2 – citizens of the Russian Federation. The policemen tried to delete all photos from the digital cameras the journalists had. However, several photos registering Chyhir’s detention.

According to the press service of the Assembly of NGOs, the activist was accused of violation of article 167 of the Administrative Code, unauthorized mass action. However, as long as Mr Chyhir is a deputy, the local prosecutor decided not to take the responsibility for his arrest. As a result the police released Aliaksandr Chyhir. According to him, seeing the aggressiveness of the police he expected to a quick trial and imprisonment. However, instead the court decided to try the activist of Young Front Maksim Buinitski, who was present during Chyhir’s action.