Iury Hubarevich is prohibited to receive parcels in jail

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As HRC Viasna found out, the chair of Brest regional branch of Belarusian People’s Front Party Iury Hubarevich will be transferred from the temporary isolator in the town of Biaroza to Ivatsevichy jail. The reasons for this transfer are unknown.

The guards didn’t accept any parcels from Hubarevich from his relatives. They said it was because he violated the Administrative Code, not the Criminal Code. His wife complained to Biaroza prosecutor’s office against it.

Yesterday the workers of Biaroza isolator received an instruction from the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the way prisoners are to be kept. According to it, prisoners have the right to receive means of hygiene and food parcels from relatives. That’s why on 10 August parcels were accepted.

We should remind that on 8 August the court punished Iury Hubarevich with 10 days of administrative arrest for the use of ˜unregistered symbols at a cultural mass action’. The matter was that a national white-red-white flag was raised above one of the boats on which adherents of the movement For Freedom sailed a river. As a result the police composed a report on this fact and the judge Vadzim Mazol found Iury Hubarevich guilty of this violation.