Belarusian Ecological Party of Greens can be liquidated

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Should the authorities consider it as necessary to close our party, they would do it, stated to BelaPAN the chairman of the Belarusian Ecological Party of Greens (BEPG) Mikalai Kartash.

In July-August the Ministry of Justice holds the scheduled check-ups of three political parties: Communist Party of Belarus, Party of Communists of Belarus and Belarusian Ecological Party of Greens.

According to M.Kartash, he submitted to the ministry all the necessary information about the party branches, activity and membership a month ago. Since that time the ministry hasnt done anything. The BEPG chair thinks that one of the formal reasons that can be used for liquidation is the failure to execute the demand of the Housing Code that all offices must be situated in non-residential premises and the party has only one such office. The rest of about 30 branches have their offices registered at private apartments. According to Mr Kartash, the ministrys attention to the party can be a result of the partys intention to start collecting signatures against construction of a new nuclear power station in Belarus.