Justice Ministry demands from Party of Communists of Belarus information about its members

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to BelaPAN

The Ministry of Justice has submitted a letter to the central office of the Party of Communists of Belarus with the demand to provide information about the number of persons in the party units. We should remind that it was the pro-presidential Communist Party of Belarus who two weeks ago asked the ministry to check the number of members of the oppositional party.

According to the secretary of the central committee of PCB Valery Ukhnaliou, this demand contradicts to the law On political parties according to which personal information is to be provided only during the constituent assembly of a party. After this only the information about the party units and administration is to be provided to the ministry. Thats why the communists arent going to provide any party lists to the ministry. We have no doubt that the Ministry of Justice will use this information for pressurizing our activists. We already have many such cases. This pressurization has increased a lot after the so-called congregative assembly said Ukhnaliou. The authorities didnt manage to split our party at the assembly where they tried to amalgamate CPB and PCB. Thats why they will try to use a tested means  liquidation through court.