Mahiliou: Public activists accuse local police of illegal actions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the Assembly of NGOs

On 2 August five residents of Mahiliou addressed the head of Mahiliou regional board of internal affairs and the regional prosecutor with a complaint. There they described how police groundlessly detained them on 27 July and took them to a police station in the eyes of dozens of citizens, among them there could be their neighbors, colleagues or acquaintances. The authors of the complaint stated they hadnt violated any laws. As they found out at the police station, the policemen disliked their T-shirts with the officially registered emblem of the United Civil Party and the white-red-white air balloons they held in their hands. The police detained the people for several hours asking them about their intentions and to whom the inscription Bored with him on some of the T-shirts was addressed. Violating the law about the police the policemen didnt explain to the detainees their rights, didnt tell them what they were suspected in and why their documents were checked.

The complainants also warned that in the case the authorities dont react to the complaint they would apply to court.