Young people of Saligorsk marked Solidarity Day

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

More than 20 people came out to the central square of Saligorsk keeping lit candles and portraits of the missing politicians, public figures and political prisoners.

Police officers appeared around half past 7; they threatened and insulted the young people. Police captain Mikalai Dabrudzka, well known through his violent attitude towards the activists of the youth democratic movement, outraged the young people and threatened brothers Shylau claiming they were trying to evade the military commission and Ivan in particular ignored the summon to the prosecutors office, and still they dare hold public demonstrations near the executive committee of the town.

Nevertheless, neither threats nor several dozens of police officers scared the Saligorsk demonstrators who formed a chain at 8 p.m. The police didnt hinder the action, but they made pictures of the demonstrators with a digital camera. No detentions were performed.
One of the demonstrators commented on the event:

- This is the 6th street action dedicated to the Solidarity Day that is held in our town. Good that it is a tradition now here, in the town of miners, and the dwellers of Saligorsk treat it in a very friendly way. Moreover, these are not only youth who take part in the actions - elder people, parents with children also come. Its nice that there are such people.