Two actions in Brest on July 16

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Day of Solidarity with political prisoners and the families of the Lukashenkas missing rivals is held on the 16th of each month. Now it is a tradition in Brest to mark the 16th - the Solidarity day - in an unusual and interesting way.

This time young people of Brest showed their solidarity with the victims of Lukashenkas regime placing a huge transparency in one of the central streets of Brest. Portraits of the opposition politicians who had died in obscure circumstances, disappeared or imprisoned during Lukashenkas rule, were attached to a 2-meter long blue ribbon fixed in Savietskaya Street at the day time. Hundreds of Brest dwellers could see the transparency while the police were thinking of a way to remove it. Several activists of the campaign Za Svabodu (For Freedom) who were watching the police trying to remove the transparency were detained and exonerated in an hour and a half.

The other public action of the Solidarity Day took a traditional form. About 50 activists of the campaign Za Svabodu marched along the central streets of the city with lit candles, forming a kind of a live chain. The action was finished near the Russian Consulate where the young people made the figure 16 out of the lit candles. By the way, while marching, the activists were accompanied by the police headed by major G.Vaitovich. But, according to the web-site, their attempts to intimidate the young people or at least to stop the action were unsuccessful.