Barys Khamajda Fined For Distribution Of Viciebski Kurjer Newspaper During Slavianski Bazaar

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Democratic activist distributes the newspapers Viciebski kurjer and Nasa Niva at the same place  near house #28 at Lenin street, just across the summer amphitheatre where the concert is held. On July 11 he intended to distribute a fresh issue of the newspaper ad was detained by the police in several minutes.
During his detention 17 years old Jula Gusakova was standing nearby and decided to take the newspapers from Khamajda. The readers of Viciebski kurjer began to get newspapers from her but soon she was also detained.
Officer of inspection on underage people arrived to speak to Jula. The correspondent of Viciebsk kurjer Alena Bazan, famous journalist and human rights activist Valery Shchukin and Viciebsk town councilor Volha Karach also participated in the conversation. Finally the girl was set free.
Barys Khamajda was escorted to Chyhunachny district court where he was arrested for two days on July 7 and fined for BYR 31000 on July 10. This time he was also fined. Commenting the sentence Khamajda underlined that in this case we should speak not about trade in improper place abut about violation of Universal Human Rights Declaration that prescribes the right for distribution and receiving of information. What is especially blatant is that this violation occurs at the time of international festival of arts, says Khamajda.
They tell me: It is Slavianski bazaar, there are a lot of official persons in Viciebsk. Please wait for some time, as soon as the festival is over you may continue to sell newspapers. Our country is member of United Nations Organization and it is intolerable to violate fundamental right to get information, stated Khamajda in interview to Radio Liberty.
In spite of probable repressions he intends to distribute newspapers today, tomorrow and every day no matter there is Slavianski bazaar or not.