Free Trade Unions Babruisk members pressurized

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The administration of Babruisk Tire Plant is using economic and legal means to oppress the members of the unregistered Free Trade Union. However, Belnaftakhim State Trade Unions representative at the plant says there were no violations of the workers rights, because Free Trade Unions branch is not officially registered at the plant. Free Trade Union has applied for registration the other day, but no decision has been taken yet.
According to the trade union activist Alena Zakhozhaia, some weeks earlier, the administration of the plant accused Free Trade Union of unlawful usage of their legal address and abolished its registration.
Alena Zakhozhaia says that Free Trade Unions members are administratively persecuted. E.g. they were not given any bonus on Chemist Day this year. The workers had to write applications to get the bonus.