More than 300 workers from 20 enterprises of Mahiliou cannot exercise their right to unite in trade union

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

More than 300 workers from 20 enterprises of Mahiliou cannot exercise their right to unite in trade union for protection of their interests. City authorities refuse to register the territorial primary organization of the Belarusian Radio and Electronics Workers Union (REWU). As back as 17 February 2006 the trade union activists have submitted documents to the City Executive Committee, however, until now the issue remains open. Officials from the City Executive Committee invent far-fetched reasons to prevent the independent trade union primary organization to work legally. At first they questioned the existence of the organization governing bodies and [their] membership. By the way, as Galina Lisitsina, the primary organization leader informed, it is not clear on what basis, because nobody called trade union activists, nobody asked whether they are the REWU members or not. Very simple, officials themselves decided that not all the stated workers are members of trade union and refused registration. Next time officers of the registration authority arrived at a conclusion that the primary organization does have legal address and decided to refuse registration again. At the same time for more than half a year the trade union has been renting an office. According to the Civil Code [of the Republic of Belarus] the contract of rent of office confirms presence of the legal address is available. Trade union activists were puzzled until with their own ears they heard a verdict, voiced by Mr. Mikheenko, the Vice Chairperson of Mahiliou City Executive Committee. Nobody is going to register you [your organization], - said the official when trade union activists came to see him. For two months Galina Lisitsina and Alexander Korolev, the REWU lawyer both have been trying to meet Victor Shorikov, the city mayor in order to solve the issue of registration. However, the city head happens to be very busy when trade union activists want to see him. In spite of the fact that Galina Lisitsina has entered her name in advance in order to meet the mayor, the meeting did not take place. At Mr. Shorikovs office trade unionists have been informed, that he is not available and have advised to go to court to solve issues of registration. Galina Lisitsina said: We wander like leprous and people do not even want to talk to us. One day a month the mayor meets citizens on personal issues, we have the right to meet him and discuss our problems. We do not want to go to court; we simply would like to talk to our mayor. In the nearest future the trade union is going to submit documents for registration once again.