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On June 22 the Savetski District Court of Minsk partially answered to the claim of the head of the State Customs Committee Aliaksandar Shpileuski against the editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belorussii" - "BelKP-PRESS". The newspaper was fined for 60 million BRB.

The reason for the suit was the fact that on May 4 the newspaper printed a photo of A. Shpileuski under the interview with Mikhail Shpileuski (the agent of Aliaksandar Gleb, a Belarusian football-player) by mistake. The editors contacted A. Shpileuski immediately and apologized to him. They also sent him a letter asking to meet them. The explanation of the mistake was published in the following issue of the edition.
The conflict seemed to have been settled and that is why journalists did not expect A. Shpileuski to lodge a complaint and ask for 80 million BRB as a compensation for moral damage.

Ludmila Martsinchyk, the lawyer of "KP", says that the statement of M. Shpileuski published in the edition was dedicated to sports and nobody understands why the official considered it to be great moral damage. The edition is going to lodge a complaint.

"It is difficult to comment on the problem, - says the edition's editor-in-chief Yulia Slutskaja. - The only thing I can say is that the sums of fines demanded by our officials testify to the fact that they "aim too high".
Source: www.baj.ru