Arrests in Slutsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Young Front Salihorsk office, there was one more detainee on Solidarity Day, June 16.
Around a dozen youngsters gathered in the center of Slutsk to burn the candles of solidarity with the families of the missing politicians and political prisoners.
The information about the action was posted in the Internet, that is why there were 15 policemen with dogs, two police cars and a cameraman in plain clothes on the place.
Only three activists dared to go out with portraits and candles in their hands. At first, the policemen did not take any measures, but after some passers-by started taking photos of the participants of the action, they were detained. They are: Dzianis Balakir and a girl Iulia by name (Young Front members), and Vital Amialkovich (BPF member). They were officially warned of possible administrative punishment for unauthorized picketing.
On Monday the under-aged Iulia was called for a conversation to her school, where she was forced to give explanations concerning her participating in the action.