White-Red-White Flag Over Salihorsk City Executive Committee

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A white-red-white flag has been hanged up for the third time this week by the Young Front activists in Salihorsk. Last time it was hanged up on a five-storey building near the shop Tsentralny, and before that in the central square of the town, near the monument of Lenin. Now the flag emerged over the building of the executive committee.

The flag was hanged up on the executive committee of Salihorsk beside official symbols in the night. The flag stayed there until 8 a.m. After the national flag was displayed near Lenin monument a few days ago, policemen cut flagpoles strings, that hadnt stopped patriots.

Belarus witnesses an upsurge of protest. Salihorsk is only the one example. Different rumours are hear in the town. People have noticed that protest actions take place every day: candles are lit, streamers are put up, flags appear, people gather in the square. Leaflets and independent newspapers are distributed, complaints are sent to state bodies.

Stubbornness of our authorities is surprising. They cannot understand that even fines of four million Belarusian rubles, or arrests cannot stop the wave of nations protest, especially of young activists protest, said one of the Young Front members.
Source: www.charter97.org