Today Day of Belarusian Solidarity Is Marked

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Initiators of holding Days of Solidarity with Belarus have called upon Belarusian citizens to come to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Minsk (Staravilenskaya Street, 48) and bring candles and portraits of Belarusian abducted and political prisoners and demand to stop support of the Belarusian regime. The Belarusians abroad and all those who are concerned over the fate of Belarus, are also called upon to come to Russian embassies and missions in different cities of the world. Initiators of the Days of Solidarity note that out of all neighbouring countries, only the leadership of Russia had recognized the rigged results of the presidential elections in Belarus, and as before provides support to dictator Lukashenka. However, the initiators of the protest believe, Russia can demand Lukashenka stop repressions against political opponents and the civil society.

It is known that G-8 summit, a summit of the world`s most developed democratic countries, is planned to take place in July in St. Petersburg. On the eve on this event Russian authorities hired one of leading international PR-agencies to improve image of Russia. We offer Russian authorities several simple steps to change image of Russia as a democratic country to the better. It is in your power to demand from Lukashenka to stop repressions against his political opponents and civil society, to create an independent international commission to investigate cases of disappeared leaders of opposition Viktar Hanchar, Yury Zakharanka, Anatoly Krasouski and a journalist of ORT channel Dzmitry Zavadsky; to stop criminal persecution of oppositionists and release all political prisoners, the address published at internet-source reads.

Today there are many prisoners of conscience in prisons of Belarus:

Autuhovich, Mikalay, a leader of entrepreneur movement
Astreyka, Mikalay, a member of civil initiative on election monitoring
Branitskaya, Enira, a member of civil initiative on election monitoring
Dranchuk, Tsimafey, a member of civil initiative on election monitoring
Zubro, Zmitser, a youth activist
Kazakou, Aliaksandr, a youth activist
Klimau, Andrey, an ex-MP of the Supreme Soviet of 13th convocation
Kazulin, Aliaksandr, an ex-candidate on presidency
Leshkevich, Siarhey, an activist of Milinkevich headquarters
Razumau, Mikalay, an activist of trade-union movement
Sasim, Nikita, a youth leader
Seviarynets, Pavel, a youth leader
Skrabets, Siarhei, an ex-MP
Statkevich, Mikalay, the leader of Belarusian social-democratic party "Narodnaya Hramada"
Finkevich, Arthur, a youth leader
Shalayka, Aliaksandr, a member of civil initiative on election monitoring

Russia cant head and host the summit of the developed democratic countries and help Europes last dictator at the same time, the initiators of the Day of Solidarity state.

The initiative to hold Days of Solidarity started after policemen disbanded a protest rally dedicated to the memory of the abducted on September 16, 2005. On September 16, 2005 a memory of abduction of vice speaker of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Viktar Hanchar and a businessman and public leader Anatol Krasouski was marked. Protesters were also holding portraits of ex-Minister of Interior Affairs Yury Zakharanka and a journalist Dzmitry Zavadski. Policemen seized portraits of disappeared politicians and national flags from the participants. At that moment one of the Zubr leaders Mikita Sasim raised his jeans shirt as a symbol of resistance to dictatorship.

Since that time actions of solidarity are held in Belarus and worldwide on the 16th day of every month. Hundreds thousands of Belarusians and friends of our country all over the world light candles of freedom in their windows, hold street actions of solidarity, tie jeans and white-red-white ribbons on their clothes, take part in flash-mobs and Internet-actions. In churches all over the world prayer services for political prisoners, families of the disappeared, all those fighting for freedom and democracy in Belarus, are held. Not only common citizens, but heads of parliaments and governments, presidents of many countries demonstrate their solidarity with Belarus.