Turkish Trade Unions Turned Away From Kozik

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Representatives of the Turkish Trade Unions Confederation Tьrk-Is has offered its apologies for its previous contacts with pro-governmental Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus. The web-source www.praca-by.info was informed about that by the head of the department of Central and Eastern Europe of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) Hubert Cambeir. The visit of the representatives of Turkish Trade Unions to Belarus and how it was boomed by Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, that announced a break-through in the international arena, are still remembered.

But the letter of the ICFTU, explaining its position to Turkish colleagues in the Belarusian question, was called a call-down by the chairman of Belarusian Federation Kozik. When they returned home, an indignant letter of the ICFTU was received by them, the internet source of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus wrote. The chairman of the Federation Kozik told that he is surprised by the situation when the ICFTU gives the law to a national trade unions center and prohibits cooperating with other trade unions.

However, the FTUB does not inform that representatives of the Turkish movement have already offered their apologies in Geneva for cooperation with the Federation, noting that they did not have all information and regret that that visit had such repercussions. One should note that there were no prohibitions in the letter of the ICFTU, the member organization was simply informed about the position of the ICFTU. It was enough to make the international break-through of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus vanish into smoke. Turkish trade unions have promised to take into consideration the position of the ICFTU when organizing international contacts and visits.
Source: www.charter97.org