Brest Regional Court reverses sentence to Shymanski

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The information was provided by the press-service of the Fund for the Promotion of Youth Initiatives Dzedzich.
On May 5 Dzmitry Shymanski, head of Milinkevichs Brest local office, was fined BYR 31,000 for using foul language inside the building of Brest Leninski Board of Internal Affairs.
The incident took place on March 24 after Shymanski was released from jail. He was detained on the basis of a false report made by two policemen  M.O.Losich and A.S.Blizniuk. After that he was put to jail again. However, the trial did not take place, because on March 26 Shymanski was taken to hospital with pharyngitis.
After he had recovered there were three sittings of the court, but the police failed to prove that Shymanski had really used foul language. Moreover, the judge found the action of the policemen who had detained Shymanski unlawful, since there was not even a detention record.
Having realized that the case was hollow, the police began to use shady methods  they produced a falsified detention record and a counterfeit writ with Shymanskis signature of May 5, while he was not in Belarus on that day and could not sign the writ. Later on, the minutes disappeared.
On June 8 T.I.Suchok, judge of Brest Regional Court, reversed the verdict of Brest Leninski Borough Court, so that it could be reinvestigated.
Dzmitry Shymanski is satisfied with the courts decision and is sure that he will be acquitted. I dont care about money, of course I would find 31,000 rubles, but its a point of honor. The thing is the authorities try to prove that a democratic candidates local team can be headed by a hooligan.