Trade union rights violations considered by ILO

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Aliaksandr Iarashuk, leader of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, the situation was discussed by representatives of trade unions, employers and ILO member countries during the 95th Annual Labor Conference.
Since the sitting of the Committee of Standards and Fundamental Principles finished on Friday, the final decision will be made on Monday, 12. It should mention the Belarusian government reluctance to follow the ILOs recommendations. They are to be met by November, when the ILO Administrative Council will meet again. The decision was supported by the majority of the ILO member countries, as well as Ukraine and other countries.

In case they are not followed, Belarus might face the procedure provided by paragraph 33 of ILO  expulsion. The measure has not been used before, but Burma where several trade union activists were sentenced to capital punishment is facing it now. Still, Iarashuk thinks the measure is most undesirable for Belarus.

The case against Belarus was initiated in 2003 after a complaint made by Belarusian trade unions. After that a special commission was created. A similar commission was launched by the EU. They have found numerous violations of Belarusian trade union rights which may result in divestment of Belarus preferences in trading with the EU.