20 Young Front members continue hunger strike in Salihorsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

10 towns and cities of Belarus have already joined the hunger-strike. The situation is to be considered at a Young Front meeting in Minsk, where all the participants of the strike have gathered to take joint measures.

Mikola Statkevich, who is now serving his term in Baranavichy, said in his interview with Radio Liberty that he respects the youngsters deed. I think it would not be right to show the young people which means of protest to choose. They are fighting for their friends freedom. All the rest who cannot join the strike should support them. It would yield results, even if the people know about the situation. It is turning into an overall pressure, not only in Belarus but abroad as well.  said the politician.

Members of the Ukrainian organization Students Brotherhood received some of the participants of the action in Ukraine while introducing them to Ukrainian journalists. Some of them visited Minsk during the presidential campaign and were sentenced to10-15 days of jail. Oleh Yatsenko, leader of Students Brotherhood, said: We, the young Ukrainians, support the Young Front members action. We also were on hunger-strike in protest against violating students rights last summer. We also have a lot of violations. I think that in this case the hunger-strike is first of all a spiritual victory over the authorities who have violated the young peoples rights.