Youth activist Eduard Zeliankou interrogated again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The youngster admitted that he had made graffiti in Zhlobin, but he does not find himself guilty of hooliganism. Zeliankou was detained on March 13 while inscribing graffiti For liberty!, For Milinkevich! and Young Front. He is charged with violating articles 193-1 (participation in an unregistered organization) and article 339 (hooliganism).

The case was initiated by Hrodna Tsentralny Borough Board of Internal Affairs, because Zhlobin police is overtasked at present. The interrogation was carried out by Andrei Bandziuk in Zhlobin District Board of Internal Affairs in my lawyers presence. I did write those graffiti and I did not deny that at the interrogation. But I explained that I had not done that out of hooliganism, but in order to inform people. said Zeliankou to a journalist.

Eduard also agreed to compensate BYR 450,000 stated as damage fee by the local housing department.
Zeliankou is to be summonsed to Homel for final procedures before passing the case to the court.