Brest: Detained Participants of Silent Watch Receive Warnings

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Brest watch of solidarity with the Young Front has been arrested four times already and now five of us are being driven to the court. The watch is continued by our friends thats the text of the SMS that has been received by the editorial office of the non-state newspaper Nasha Niva in the morning of 1 June.

The watch of solidarity continues for the second day already. At 8 p.m. on 31 May the police detained five of its participants, including Iury Bakur, Natallia Kharytaniuk, Andrei Sharenda and Ivan Stasiuk. Iryna Laurouskaia refused to get into a police bus without official accusation given to her and thereby escaped detention. The watch continued after the police departure. In the evening its participants held a prayer for the repressed and hungering youth. This time the police detained Andrei Sharenda and Vital Symonik and accused them in organization of unauthorized assembly.

Today the participants of the Silent Watch Iury Bakur, Natallia Kastsiukovich and Iury Klimenka received warnings for ostensible violation of article #167.1 of the Code of Administrative Violations at Hrodna Leninski Borough Court. The administrative cases against Natallia Kharytaniuka and Andrei Sharenda werent considered because of incorrect police reports and contradictory testimonies of the policemen.