"Women Club" for wives and mothers of the repressed re-opened.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Radio Svaboda, the club who had been once initiated by the chairman of the Consulting and Observing group of the OSCE in Belarus a German politician Hans-George Vik. The wives and mothers had then an opportunity to gather in the OSCE building in Belarus. They discussed the situation and worked out the strategy of cooperative actions. The number of participants of today's club is much bigger.
The women again have an opportunity to gather together. They are united by a common mischief. The previous club has been visited by Zinaida Hanchar, Iryna Krasouskaia, Volha Zaharanka, Zoia Kudzinava and Tatsiana Klimava. They has been talking, discussing where to send an appellation, whom to ask for assistance. Then with the number of political prisoners grew up the number of the club's friends. Halina Siuchyk: "The club is growing unfortunately. We'll soon need the Palace of Republic to gather. More than a thousand people has been detained only in the tent camp. My son is not in prison now but he has to hide. We have neither human rights organizations to assist us in this problem nor law-enforcement organizations who would observe law of our today's state."
Tatsiana Leanovich, Andrei Klimau's wife recollects the times when she first visited the OSCE meeting. She considers now it's real to help her husband. The special commandant's office where her husband serves his sentence is in the radioactive area. Tatsiana is much worried about his health.

Mikola Statkevich's wife Valiantsina is now a new club's friend. The club is firstly a material support for her: "I believe we need such a club. We feel the support of each other. I wanted to visit my husband this weekend but it was a surprise he was taken to commandant's office and wasn't let out. They want - they imprison, they want - they release. No law at all. In such a club we may discuss everything."

The friends of the club expect women's solidarity and positive results of their actions.