Prosecutors Office Covers Up Tracks of Almaz

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The Prosecutors Office of Zavodzki borough of Minsk has found legal the actions of Almaz policemen in regard to Aliaksandr Kazulin during the events of March 25. The defense of the ex-candidate for presidency states that it would challenge the decision of the prosecutors office.

As the radio Svaboda informs, the Prosecutors Office of Zavodzki borough of Minsk has found that the treatment of Aliaksandr Kazulin by policemen on March 25 was lawful. On March 25 the former candidate for presidency was detained and taken to the police department of Zavodzki borough, and then to Zhodzina prison. In his complaint to the prosecutors office told that when he was transported to the prison, his hands were injured by handcuffs, and in general he was treated disrespectfully. The politician asked the Prosecutors Office of Zavodzki borough to consider the case and to punish culprits. In the answer of the Prosecutors Office of Zavodzki borough receives by Mr. Kazulin and his lawyers states that on March 25 Mr. Kazulin was detained by officers of special anti-terrorism unit Almaz. However no violations of the law were found in their actions by the prosecutors.

The lawyer Ihar Rynkevich does not agree with that. He refers to the medical examination of Aliaksandr Kazulins health, carried out soon after the detention. As said by the lawyer, experts recognized the fact of Kazulins injury by handcuffs.

Thus, on one hand doctors admit that it has taken place. At the same time, the prosecutors office says that such things had not happened, and the law had not been violated. Meanwhile, they forced Kazulin to kneel, his clothes were torn. And the prosecutors office states that it is not punishable. That is why we are going to challenge this decision, the lawyer said to the Radio Svaboda.

It is the second officially recognized fact of actions of anti-terrorism unit Almaz against the presidential candidate Aliaksandr Kazulin. On March 2 Kazulin was detained in the Palace of Culture of Railway Workers during registration of All-Belarusian Assembly participants. Kazulin said that he was beaten up then. Mikalai Karpiankou, a police colonel and Almaz commander, was in charge of Almaz then. According to Kazulin, he was also beaten up by SOBR commander Dzmitry Paulichenka.