About fourty people detained in Minsk for wearing For Freedom bages in Minsk.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

It has become often that the policemen detain young people for wearing badges. The police leave the badges to themselves, all the claims about the illegality of the detentions remain unnoticed.

Eleven Malady Front friends were detained twice during the last week. The policemen claim that wearing a badge For Freedom is a violation of law of State Symbols, though they dont draw up the protocols.
When Iryna Tropina, a student, claimed to complain to the actions of the policemen they said they would report to the university she was swearing and draw up a protocol of petty crime.
Barys Haretski said that people are not afraid of wearing the badges and more and more still buy them.
During Flash Mobs and other youth actions the policemen just tear off the badges even not catching the young. The activists report about numerous detentions connected with wearing badges or White and Red and White ribbons. During the latest week about forty people have been detained.