Lufthansa considers the intention of Aliaksndr Lukashenka to ban the western airplanes pass through the territory of Belarus to be a rough international rights violation.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As the member of Lufthansa Tomas Yahna told Radio Svaboda, this ban is a violation of international rights and the bilateral agreements between Germany and Belarus: As for Mr. Lukashenkas intention which we learned from the press, all these look like a way to rights violation as thereve existed bilateral relations between Germany and Belarus for several decades. These relations are connected with flights over the territories of our countries. All the time the agreements were strictly observed. If all this happens it wont hurt Lufthansa expenses, well just make the three-times-everyday flights to Russia not through the territory of Belarus, which will make a flight only some minutes longer but wont influence ticket costs. And as for the rights side of the question, a strict reaction of German Ministry of International Affairs is likely to follow.
According to Mr. Yahna, the claim of the Belarusian president was a great burden for the businesspeople having business in Belarus. Everyday Lufthansa flights to Minsk are very convenient for them. Mr. Lukashenka hasnt said about the ban for flights to Minsk and I suppose he wont do that. These flights are very important for Belarus economy. And if the ban will be executed the government will fully isolate the country.  Mr. Yahna claimed.