The international organization "Amnesty Inernational" reported that the situation of human rights is becoming worse in Belarus.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The report is called “The state of the world's human rights” and has several parts. One of the parts is devoted to the human rights branch in Belarus. The head of the Moscow department of "Amnesty Inernational" Siarhei Nikitsin explained to Radio Svaboda: “We consider that there are many prisoners of conscious in Belarus. We consider that Belarus is the only country in Europe with legal death penalty. The persecution of people who cannot use their rights for freedom of word and meetings is very sad. All these worry our organization. Human rights fighters meet the facts of false evidences against oppositionists to discrete them in common people’s eyes. The truth has to win. It’s just a matter of time and the number of victims. The publications of addresses and other documents may be of great use. We remember the times of the Soviet Union when a small group of dissidents moved the society towards great changes. The activity of such people as Sakharov was not useless."
Two former political prisoners Valery Levaneuski and Aliaksandr Vasilieu visited the presentation.
The leader of the united opposition Aliaksandr Milinkevich considers the results of the Amnesty to be objective. The politician said that the human rights topic is close to him as the government had liquidated “Ratusha” - an organization led by him in Hrodna.
The Central Election Commission secretary Mikalai Lazavik considers there’s no human rights violations in Belarus. “I can say that all the talks about false elections are a lie and nonsense.”
To the question about the accessibility of independent press Mr. Lazavik noticed that he reads it online and has no wish to read the same in papers.

"Amnesty Inernational" is to report the facts to the officials of Belarus.