Minsk: a collection being gathered for 60 years and dumped in February (300 exhibits) is lost finally.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to “Nasha Niva” the excavation made on the dump brought no results.
The member of the History Institute of the National Academy of Science archeologist Siarhei Tarasau who was the last to look after the collection considers there’s no chance of filling it up. “We made several attempts. We were digging with excavators. Two weeks ago was the last attempt. But either we didn’t get to the necessary layer or the exhibits are spread to a large territory. They have been tramped with a bulldozer before…”
The housing service, according to Mr. Tarasau, refused to wait any longer and now started to bring litter to that place again.
The scholar stated that the case of the collection disappearing is being investigated. The prosecutor’s office officials haven’t made their decision yet.