Medical Diagnosis to Liubou Kuchynskaia - Hypertonic Crisis

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

After a beating by the riot police the youth activist Liubou Kuchynskaia was taken to a hospital by ambulance. There the doctors made a cardiogram and an encephalogram and diagnosed a hypertonic crisis. Liubou Kuchynskaia refused from hospitalization and they prescribed to her confinement to bed.

The activist was detained and severely beaten by the riot police on 10 May, on the eve of the action in the memory of Iury Zakharanka, one of the missing political activists, former minister of interior.

?#152;The riot police seized me near Kastrychnitskaia Square, in the underground crossing near McDonalds and pulled into a yard. There they started beating me. I was beaten by three policemen at once. They hit me across the head and legs with their fists. Then they pulled me into a bus and continued beating me there. They searched my belongings, tore my rucksack and broke my mobile phone. They insulted and humiliated me and swore with four-letter words. They beat me till I felt bad and started choking,’ said Libou Kuchynskaia to the press-service of Charter’97.

This crime of the riot police is to be investigated by the prosecutor’s office. At present human rights activists are working at the appropriate complaints. However, not a single policeman has been punished for beating opposition activists. We should remind that last year at an action of commemoration of the missing cameraman of the Russian TV channel Dzmitry Zavadski a riot policeman hit his wife Sviatlana Zavadskaia in the face. The police violently beat the leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka, the youth activist Mikita Sasim and numerous participants of peaceful protest actions. None of them have been punished yet. This impunity let the riot police turn into castigators, who violently beat their compatriots. A part of the responsibility for it lies on the prosecutor’s office that refuses to react to the police sadism.

Hypertonic crisis is sudden and considerable boost of the arterial pressure. Usually hypertonic crisis is accompanied with considerable worsening of blood circulation and hormonal disbalance. This can seriously affect the target organs which are most vulnerable for hypertonic disease: heart, vessels, kidneys, brain and retina.