Police Confiscate Driver’s License from Chair of Minsk City UCP Organization Ihar Shynkaryk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

After the end of 1 May meeting the road police stopped the car of Ihar Shynkaryk near Europe supermarket. At that time there were four persons and UCP flags in the car. The passengers were let go and Mr Shynkaryk was taken to Minsk Savetski Borough Board of Internal Affairs. There he found out that the detention of cars after the meeting was directed by the police colonel Bulbiankou. Ihar Shynkaryk could hear the police passing information about the numbers of the cars by which the action participants drove away. Having spent an hour at the police station, Mr Shynkaryk was released. The police examined the car, but didn’t find anything except for 5 officially registered UCP flags. That’s why they composed the report that during the detention there were 5 passengers in the car, whereas it is allowed to have only 4. Ihar Shynkaryk emphasizes that there were 4 passengers and he was the fifth persons, the driver. Nevertheless, the police took away his driver’s license and the car numbers and told him to come to the road police on 17 May for further discrimination.