The young of Vitsebsk held a Cernobyl action of solidarity.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Radio Svaboda, on April 25 at 6-30 pm 15 young people came to the building of Academic theatre after Yanka Kupala with candles and rolls of paper in their hands. Having put on respirators they draw posters devoted to the tragedy at Chernobyl.
The action was called “the action of solidarity” as few of the young have an opportunity to be in Minsk on April 26 at Charnobylski Shliakh. One of the participants said: “We don’t have an opportunity to be there so we decided to do the action here - in memory of those who suffered from Chernobyl. And in solidarity with the students who have to go to the polluted districts as assignment. It’s illogical and we don’t know why the officials do so. Belarus needs freedom; Belarus needs a new president and new politics.”
Students of many different Vitsebsk educational establishments and friends of various civil organizations, even unregistered and not yet named, took part in the action.
Passers by paid attention to a group of young people some of whom were painting posters and some sitting nearby with candles shining in their hands. Probably, someone called the police as they were there quite soon.
The policemen addressed the journalists who were watching the actions at once. And while the guardsmen tried to clear out who were the organizers of the action the young ran away. Nobody was detained but the action lasted for only 20 minutes.