Lawyer Valiantsina Shakhantasova brings into action against the resolution of city Office of Public Prosecutor about prolongation Mikalai Astreika’s and four more activists of unregistered organization “Partnioratva” arrest term by two months

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On April 24 lawyer Valiantsina Shakhantsova who defends the leader of unregistered organization “Partniorstva” Mikalai Astreika sent an appeal about the resolution which prolonged her client’s arrest by two months. According to Valiantsina Shakhantsova the trial court has no reasons to keep the activists under arrest any longer. “We suppose the two months which had passed were enough to investigate the whole case. And if there’s something unclear it’s not necessary to prolong the arrest. It’s enough to release them but to continue the investigation. These people are of no social danger.”

Mikalai Astreika is being under arrest since February 21. Tsimafei Dranchuk, Aliaksandr Shalaika and Enira Branitskaia, “Partniorstva” activists had been detained with him. Dzianis Nibiika was detained on March 16, his case is connected with “Partniorstva” activists one’s. All these people are accused of acting on behalf of unregistered organization.
According to relatives and lawyers only a few interrogations had been held since the detention. Doesn’t it mean that the investigation is at the deadlock? The investigator of city court Siarhei Hrakhouski hadn’t explained the reason for continuation of the investigation. He advised to contact the press service of Minsk Office of Public Prosecutor. But its chairman Aleh Ahafonau also refused to speak on this point.

According to Mikalai Astreika’s wife Palina, the investigator said that the case will soon be moved to court. And Palina cannot meet her husband, though they’ve been married for only three days. All the other imprisoned on “Partniorstva” case cannot meet their relatives as well. Only Tsimafei Dranchuk was allowed to meet his wife who gave a birth to a boy.

Enira Branitskaia’s mother is worried about daughter’s psychological condition after the latter learned about arrest prolongation instead of release.

Other activists’ lawyers also do their best to change the way of arrest of their clients. They particularly addressed the Prosecutors Office with an appeal, Radio Svaboda reports.