“Nasha Niva” editor-in-chief met the US Ambassador on April, 20.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Andei Dynko informed the official on the situation of Nasha Niva and passed the address of the editors.
Mr. Dynko said that the editors are going to address Lithuania President and Prime-Minister on the matter of petition for including Nasha Niva into a list of non-material values of the humankind to the UNESCO. As the editorial staff supposes, Lithuania has the moral right for it, as from 1906 till 1915 and from 1991 till 1996 Nasha Niva was edited in Vilnus. A 100 year anniversary of the paper that created literary Belarusian language, Belarusian classical literature, Belarusian state civil idea is a good reason for that. Nasha Niva is going to appeal to other states, international and non-government organizations which have such a right to support the petition to UNESCO. This symbolic step might be the last thing the world may do for Belarusian press.
The US Ambassador said he follows the situation of the newspaper attentively.