Homel regional officials ban a meeting in memory of 20 year term since the Chernobyl catastrophe.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The officials state that the request for the meeting which was to be held on April, 25 was composed inappropriately. But the leader of the local organization of communists Uladzimir Siakerka states that everything is done for political reasons. The thing is that Aliaksandr Milinkevich and other politics were going to visit the meeting.
The organizers of the meeting were expecting about 5 000 people to come. The officials also took into consideration the possible number of people. In the rejection signed by head deputy of Homel region executive committee Piatro Kirichenka it is stated that the organizers of the meeting hadn’t explained the ways of providing security for such great number of people. Political reasons are missed.
The organizers of Chernobyl problems conference which also was to take on April, 25, face problems as well. Halina Skarachod from the United Civil Party say that they planned a conference with 400 engaged, famous scientists, civil activists, politicians among them. But the organizers got a refuse for renting a place in the Palace of Culture “Vipra”. Halina had met the director of the palace Valer Ivanou before and agreed on the rent.
But on April 20 Valer suddenly stated that the 25th would be a day off in the palace.
The conference is still to take place, but with lesser number of people and in a private place, said Halina Skarakhod. The acute problems of Chernobyl will be discussed there: drawbacks in law, economics of the suffered regions, the ecology of the region, medical consequence of the accident. According to Halina Skarakhod the state hides these problems.