In Brest the police look for leaflets about “Charnobylski Shliakh” and confiscate independent editions.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

April 20, in Brest in an apartment rented by a local right-fighter Uladzimir Malei the police conducted an unapproved search claiming that it was a common examination.
The police were waiting for Mr. Malei at the porch and forced him to enter the apartment to have a talk. The reason was, as it were, neighbours’ complaint about numerous visits disturbing them. Having entered the apartment the police got interested in independent editions, a bulletin “The Right for Freedom”, “Chronicles of Human Rights Violations”, and other among them. The editions were illegally confiscated. The police photographed and video-taped the apartment and were going to confiscate computers, but probably got afraid to do that without sanctions. After that Uladzimir Malei was taken to Leninski Area Internal Affairs department where a report was drawn up. The reason - illegal spreading of printed outputs without date-line.
The right-fighter didn’t agree to the report as he hadn’t spread anything. He put it into the report. He supposes that visit of the police is connected with preparations for “Charnobylski Shliakh” - a procession in memory of the accidence in Chernobyl.