Police Intimidate Public Activists on the Eve of Chernobyl Way Action

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

In Babruisk Maksim Buinitski and Dzianis Shaiko were officially warned about responsibility for participation in unauthorized actions of opposition. Captain Malisheuski made them sign the document that they were familiarized with the text of the warning. At the departure the captain also warned them that in the case they try to go to Minsk for Chernobyl Way they wouldn’t manage to do it, but would be sentenced to 15 days of jail anyway.

In Mahiliou the police paid especial attention to the activist of the United Civil Party Iryna Kacharova and the defender of the tent camp in Kastrychnitskaia Square, prisoner of conscience Aleh Dziachkou. According to Ms Kacharova, the senior lieutenant Lebedzeu called to her and tried to prove that Chernobyl Way was illegal. Then he also tired to do it in her flat. The policeman Valery Homanau didn’t manage to meet Mr Dziachkou at home and therefore warned for the possible punishment for participation in the action… his mother! ‘My son is not a criminal to be watched by you’, - she answered to him. Having left his telephone number, the ‘guest’ departed.

In the town of Drybin Andrei Iurkou was summonsed to the police. He refused to sign anything, but had to bear the ‘prophylactic talk’. At its end he was informed that because of the 15-days’ arrest (for participation in the peaceful protest action against the rigged election) his license for keeping the hunting gun was annulled and he had either to sell it or pass to the police.