Minsk Zavodski Borough Court Turns down Suit of Tatsiana Khoma to Administration of Belarusian State Economic University

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 24 November the fourth-years student of the department of international economic relations Tatsiana Khoma was expelled from Belarusian State Economic University for going abroad without the permission of the university administration which was considered as disrespect to the educational establishment and violation of its internal regulation. It’s worth mentioning that it is allowed to expel students for systematic violations of the internal regulations, which didn’t take place in this case.

The judge of Minsk Zavodski Borough Court Iryna Mardovich considered the complaint of Tatsiana Khoma for three days. Finally she turned down the complaint. The judge stated the student was expelled for truancy. However, students are allowed to miss a certain number of classes. In the case of BSEU the critical number of hours is 30, whereas Tatsiana Khoma missed only 28 and demonstrated an excellent progress in studies.

At the trial the official representative of the university Viktar Spirau said that the university also refused from its earlier proposal to give Ms Khoma the possibility to continue her studies on paid basis. He thusly explained this decision: ‘Yesterday in the evening I found insulting expressions about me at Tatsiana’s personal web-blog (though I have never insulted her). We decided that the whole university was insulted by this. Why? Because I am a representative of this educational establishment.’

After the verdict was announced, Tatsiana Khoma gave an interview to RFE/RL: ‘I was hardly surprised with the verdict. The judge said I was expelled for truancy. In fact, I was expelled for going abroad, not for missing classes. She referred to the presidential decree according to which I was to have taken permission from the university administration. However, she also said that this decree doesn’t spread on me. Now we will compose a complaint to Minsk City Court.’