Activist of Milinkevich’s Headquarters Viktar Vaitsiuk Has to Retire ‘on His Own Will’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Viktar Vaitsiuk, activist of the electoral headquarters of Aliaksandr Milinkevich, faced problems after unknown persons had made political graffiti on the walls of many houses in Vaukavysk. The police searched his flat, confiscated documents and computer. Later they returned everything. Mr Vaitsiuk was several times summonsed for interrogations to the police and KGB. Finally they decided he had no relation to the graffiti.

Vaitsiuk complained against the police actions to Vaukavysk District Procurator’s Office. He also demanded to explain why they searched his flat. The police tried to intimidate him into taking his claim away, but he refused. Then he faced pressurization at work. ‘After my complaint to the procurator’s office the brigadier Khilmanovich came up to me and said he was asked to make me take it away. He threatened to fire me and my wife otherwise. That’s how it was’, said Mr Vaitsiuk.

However, this didn’t impress Mr Vaitsiuk. ‘Then they said: we will give less work to you so that you won’t receive any bonus till the end of the working contract. You’ll have to sit by the phone from 9 till 6 (it meant that I would lose much money and two months time). In the case you will go away for some reason, we will fire you’, that’s; what they said according to Viktar Vaitsiuk.

The chair of the private enterprise Mix Uladzimir Melnik where Mr Vaitsiuk worked refused to comment on these events.

On 3 April Viktar Vaitsiuk was summonsed to the procurator’s office for ‘explaining of the reasons for his complaint’.