Head of Brest Milinkevich’s HQ Still in Hospital

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zmitser Shymanski, head of Brest city Milinkevich HQ, was taken to Infectious Disease hospital from Brest Detention Center.

The police kept him in the Detention Center with fever 39.5 C for almost 3 days (his second detention), despite his numerous complaints about health and bad conditions in the cell (dampness, bad air, etc).
Let us remind you that Shymanski had just served a 10-day term for organization of an unauthorized meeting. He was released on March 24.
However, the head of Brest HQ of the democratic candidate was detained again literary a minute after he had been released. He was detained on the steps of the Detention Center and accused of disorderly conduct.

-- I was literally 10 meters from the jail when two police officers came up and demanded I should follow them. I asked what was the reason, and they replied: “If you don’t follow us we will consider it resistance to police officers”. I was detained, and in some time I was showed the reports of those policemen claiming I swore using obscene language in public, -- Zmitser tells his story.

When Zmitser gets out of hospital he will still be tried on these charges.