Head of Milinkevich Brest HQ in Infectious Diseases Hospital

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the press-service of the Assembly of Democratic NGOs, Zmitser Shymanski was taken to Infectious Diseases Hospital. The head of Milinkevich’s HQ in Brest was taken to hospital from a detention center where he was kept before trial. In the evening of March 27 Zmitser felt really sick. He developed a fever. The ambulance doctors insisted that Shymanski needed to be taken to hospital. The police argued with the doctors about that for a long time.
Let us remind you that on March 24 Shymanski was to be released from jail after serving 10 days of arrest for organization of an unauthorized meeting. However, the day he was released he was detained again, that time for disorderly conduct. Now Zmitser is in the regional infectious disease hospital. He thinks the trial which was to take place on March 27 would be postponed until later.