More Detentions in Belarusian Regions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 20 March in Barysau at the turnout the police detained three local activists: Anatol Biakasau, Viktar Harbachou and Liudmila Shcharbakova - and took them to Barysau City Board of Internal Affairs.

At about 5 p.m. on 20 March in the city park the police detained the member of the Union of Poles and journalist Andzhei Pisalnik (who has been just released from a prison term) and 8 other persons. Mr Pisalnik was taken to Hrodna Leninski Borough Board of Internal Affairs.

In Slonim the observer Ales Masiuk was accused of an attempt to make a fight. On 20 March he was twice taken to court. Then he was released. Today the local police inspector composed on Ales Masiuk a violation report. He showed Mr Masiuk a letter from the chair of the local KGB Viktar Burnusau and the chair of the police Henadz Shlykovich. There it was stated that the week before Ales Masiuk handed out flysheets without the imprint.

In Brest five activists of the electoral headquarters of Aliaksandr Kazulin were arrested. In the evening of 18 March the detainees were taken to Brest Leninski Borough Court from the isolator. All of them were accused of hooliganism and swearing. Together with them the police took to the court Mr Ieutsifeieu, who came to pass a food parcel to the detainees and soon was taken to the isolator on analogical charges.

Siarhei Ieustsifeieu - 7 days of jail,
Hanna Kanius - 5 days of jail,
Valiantsin Lazarenkau - 7 days of jail,
Chair of Brest regional headquarters of A.Kazulin Ihar Maslouski - 7 days of jail,
Sviataslau Valasiuk - 7 days of jail.

The trial was closed.