Brest: Road Police Detain Chair of Brest Regional Milinkevich’s Headquarters Iury Hubarevich and Activists Dzmitry Filipchuk, Andrei Karpuk and Iauhen Prakurat

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 18 March in Brest the road police stopped the car with the chair of Brest regional headquarters of Aliaksandr Milinkevich Iury Hubarevich and the headquarters activists Dzmitry Filipchuk, Iury Hubarevich and Andrei Karpuk in. The police accused them of petty hooliganism, stating the detainees swore and showed byrds in their own car.

The detainees were taken to Brest Maskouski Borough Board of Internal Affairs. The police blocked all the roads to the BBIA, that’s why OSCE observers couldn’t get there for a long time. They were informed that some special police operation was carried out there. Finally the OSCE representatives managed to the BBIA, but the police stated the detainees weren’t there, despite the fact they could see these people through the opened door of one of the police offices. According to the witnesses, the police behaved boldly and cast out those who came to the BBIA to support the detained activists.

At present Iury Hubarevich, Dzmitry Filipchuk, Andrei Karpuk and Iauhen Prakurat are kept in the temporary isolator of Brest Maskouski BBIA. The duty policemen are prohibited to accept food parcels for them for the fear of firing from the police.

It’s worth reminding that during last days if Brest the police have detained:

Ryhor Bakievich - secretary of Brest regional electoral headquarters of A.Milinkevich (Brest Maskouski BBIA);
Stsiapan Navaselchan - Milinkevich’s proxy (Brest Leninski BBBIA);
Dzmitry Shymanski - chair of Brest city electoral headquarters of A.Milinkevich (Brest Leninski BBIA);
Uladzimir Vialichkin - human rights activist (Brest Leninski BBIA).