Appeal of Mothers and Wives of Belarusian Public and Political Activists to Heads of States and Parliaments

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

We, Belarusian mothers and wives, ask for your support.

On 19 March the election of the President of the Republic of Belarus will take place. The electoral campaign takes place in the conditions of total violations of civil rights and liberties. Hundreds of adherents of the candidate of the united democratic forces Aliaksandr Milinkevich have been detained and tried. In this time all law enforcement organs of Belarus are in the state of alert. On 19 March on A.Lukashenka’s order there can start the massacre of our husbands, sons and daughters - all those who have enough courage to stand for Freedom, Truth and Justice.

We are afraid for the fate of those, who are forced to use violence towards their contemporaries, friends and relatives, turning them into hostages of criminal actions against the Belarusian people.

We have born much during the 12 years of Lukashenka’s rule and have forgiven much to the first President of Belarus, but we can’t stand threats to our husbands and children and won’t let him turn them into cannon-fodder.

We, Belarusian mothers and wives will stand next to our children and will protect them as a living bastion.

Applying to you, we state that further orders and rulings of A.Lukashenka can lead to an irrecoverable tragedy. Chernobyl has taken away many lives from our nation. Striving for power, Lukashenka tries to deprive us of the most valuable thing - lives of our children and husbands. We ask you to use all your means and possibilities to counteract the plans of the criminal regime and stop the bloody terror that can start any minute.

Ina Kulei
Iryna Laurouskaia
Liudmila Liakhnovich
Marharyta Vialichkina
Liudmila Petsina
Nina Stuzhynskaia
Hanna Leuchankava
Natallia Smolikava
Iauhenia Berasneva
Iryna Saranchukova
Iulia Kotskaia
Leanarda Mukhina
Aksana Pachobut
Safiia Mazheika
Aryna Viachorka
Sviatlana Hubeika
Sviatlana Liabedzka
Larysa Androsik
Nadzeia Kokash
Sviatlana Karaliova
Volha Lahonskaia
Tatsiana Novikava
Halina Skarakhod
Alena Khramtsova
Valiantsina Kudlatskaia
Liubou Zhykhar
Iryna Shushkevich