Brest: Tap Found at Milinkevich’s Electoral Headquarters

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 7 March a tap was found at Brest city electoral headquarters of Aliaksandr Milinkevich. The day before the chair of the headquarters Dzmitry Shymanski received an anonymous letter from the persons who called themselves KGB officers. They warned him about possible provocations against the activists of the headquarters. According to them, soon somebody will bring firearms to the headquarters. The police will search it and find the arms, which will let them detain all activists and paralyze the work. In order to convince Mr Shymanski their words were true, the authors of the letter also informed Mr Shymanski about the place in the office where the tap was installed and the wavelength on which it worked. The tap was really there and he could be heard on the following radio frequencies: 396,07 WFM, 404,67 WFM, 417,5 WFM, 418,56 WFM, 430,26 NFM, 834,93 WFM, 968,34 NFM.

As a matter of fact, the office in under signalization and is guarded by the police of Brest Maskouski Borough Security Department. That’s why one could get inside after turning off the signalization, which means the security department knew about the visit.

Dzmitry Shymanski said he believed the letter and that secret services can really prepare provocations against the activists of the headquarters. ‘I assume that firearms, drugs, false money, etc. can be brought to the headquarters. That’s why I urge the city’s public to adequately react to the possible bringing of criminal cases against me and other activists,’ he said.

Today’s finding lets us assume that offices of NGOs, political parties and electoral headquarters all over the country can be tapped as well. D. Shymanski also urged the headquarter’s activists to beware and try to prevent the possible provocations and said he was preparing a complaint to the procurator’s office on the fact of unsanctioned tapping.