Brest: Police Pay Especial Attention to Agitators for Milinkevich

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At 2 p.m. on 6 March in Breest two policemen, one of whom introduced himself as captain Astashou, said to the agitators for Milinkevich Alesia Khudasoutsava and Andrei Sharenda who stood at the crossing of Hohal and Savetskaia St.: ‘We were ordered to take you to Leninski Borough Board of Internal Affairs’. The agitators categorically refused to obey to this lawless order and called to Milinkevich’s proxy Stsiapan Navaselchan. A group of policemen with the deputy chair of Brest Leninski BBIA at the head came to support their colleagues and demanded from the agitators to put the agitation materials to the places that were specified by the authorities. The agitators and the proxy objected they didn’t post the agitation materials, but handed them out. The talk was videoed. Threatening to compose the violation reports and pass them to the administrative commission, the police went away and thereby confirmed the illegality of their claims.

At 8 p.m. a police group tried to hinder the agitators in handing out the agitation materials after the officious concert For Belarus!. The police lieutenant Tur and the major Iury Stsiapusiuk checked the agitators’ documents. Then reported to their officials they couldn’t detain the agitators, because they were just handing the agitation materials. The agitators are of the opinion that such interest of the police is caused by the wish to intimidate his adherents and disrupt the agitation campaign so that the present president could preserve his power.