Cartoonist Aleh Minich Gets Political Asylum

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Belarusian cartoonist Aleh Minich and his wife finish making visas to one of the country’s of the Northern America that gave to him political asylum. Let us remind that the Belarusian national procurator’s office charged the creator of the web Cartoon Club Aleh Minich with violation of part 2 of article 367 (defamation of the president). As a result he had to leave Belarus for the fear of imprisonment.

Recently Aleh Minich presented his LLL-cartoons at the festival of the German Academy of Arts Transmediale in Berlin. About 35 000 persons from more than 40 countries including Belarus and Russia visited the festival. There they could watch video films, performances and flash animation.

’Many people asked me whether a criminal case for these cartoons had been really brought against me’, said Mr Minich.

According to Siarhei Budkin from Nasha Niva, soon new series of the political cartoons will appear on the web.