The Union Of Belarusian writers is being closed for the historical emblem Pahonia

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The first deputy of the head of the Union of Belarusian writers Barys Sachanka informed HRC Viasna that the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus had decided to close the Union. The case was initiated by the Ministry of Justice.
The main complaints of the Ministry of Justice are the following:

1. the absence of the organization charter;
2. the board with the emblem Pahonia is on the House of Writer;
3. The stamp that does not meet the requirements - the name of the organization is not in he quotation marks - has been used for four months.

The complaints of the Ministry of Justice addressed to the Union of Belarusian writers, the organization whose members are the most famous Belarusian writers creating the history of Belarusian literature are ridiculous. The authorities probably try to express their “respect” to the writers and Belarusian language.
The way for the newly arranged Union of writers of Belarus headed by Charginiets is being cleared up. By the way, the name of this organization violates the law of Belarus - it contains the word Belarus.